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Public Transportation Accidents in Nassau County

Were you injured while riding on public transportation?

At our firm, The Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli, we have garnered a reputation for our excellent legal work in personal injury cases, and are frequently called upon by other law firms in complex cases. Injuries that take place on public transportation, or involve public transportation (such as a collision), can be some of the more difficult cases to bring to a resolution.

Government entities, whether a town, city or county, have legal requirements for claims that are different than other vehicle accidents, with a much shorter period of time in which to file a claim. You are required to give notice and you may have between 30 days or possibly 1 year from the time of the injury to begin the process. It is best to get in contact with a qualified attorney as quickly as possible so you don't lose the opportunity to recover compensatory damages, merely by not filing in time.

Injuries on Trains, Buses, and Other Forms of Public Transportation

In order to begin the claims process, you must first notify the insurance agency of your intention to pursue a claim for damages. Once this is submitted, the claim process begins to move forward, and there is more time to determine the value of the claim. The time could be necessary, as with serious injuries, the time that may be required, as well as the long term impact on the life of the victim, may not be immediately evident.

At our firm, we carefully evaluate each case with regard to the types of damages that will be sought. You can trust us to pursue the maximum possible in a school bus accident case. We are very professional, compassionate, and each case we represent is handled directly by the attorney – not an assistant or paralegal.

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