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Child Injuries: School Bus Accident Cases in Nassau County

At The Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli, we are high-powered litigators that are uniquely qualified to represent victims in school bus accident cases. Our team is often called upon to assist other law firms in civil lawsuits and personal injury cases, and we have a formidable litigator, known throughout the legal community.

You can reach our firm directly, and get information about filing a claim after a school bus accident. These cases are not only extremely dangerous to the children, and often involve serious injuries, the emotional impact on a child can be significant. The process of recovering compensation can be fairly complex, as there could be several liable parties, including government entities such as the Nassau County School District, a private school, church or bus company.

Statistics on School Bus Accidents

Every case is different, and the accident may have come about through the failure of a safety component on the bus, or due to the negligent actions of the bus driver, or another driver who crashed into the bus. Unfortunately, it is more common that human error is the underlying cause rather than the failure of the equipment.

Bus drivers who are drunk, on drugs, speeding, swerving, texting, or unsafely maneuvering the vehicle, can lead to a deadly rollover or collision. With no seatbelts, the children are thrown in the cabin, with great physical risk. About 24 children die in school transportation accidents every year, and many more suffer serious injuries. Since the turn of the century, there have been 1,245 accidents involving school transportation. Some of these cases involve children hit by school buses, and some involve children who were riding on the bus.

If your child was injured or died in a school bus accident, or your vehicle was struck by a school bus and you or a passenger suffered serious injuries, call our firm today.