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Product Liability Claims: Defective Products

Protecting Your Rights in Nassau County

As consumers we trust the products that we purchase and use to function according to their original purpose. We expect a blender to blend and we expect an airbag to deploy on impact. When the products that we purchase do not function as we are lead to believe that they will, then the results could be detrimental as in the case of malfunctioning safety equipment. Manufacturers have the responsibility to provide products that function correctly and to advertise these products accurately and not to promise anything that these products cannot deliver.

This responsibility is called product liability; it also encompasses the responsibility that manufacturers have to see that their products are safe. If you have been injured due to a defective product then you may be able to claim monetary compensation for your injuries from the manufacturer or distributor of the product. It is important that you file your claim for damages as soon as possible. If you wait too long then your potential rights to damages could be forfeited due to statutes of limitations that apply in New York.

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