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Long Island Expressway Crash Leads to Injuries and Death


A serious auto accident occurred on the Long Island Expressway on January 1, 2013, when the driver of a Ford Explorer driving east struck the median. The passenger in the front seat of the vehicle was killed in the accident, and the 3 other passengers in the back of the vehicle were also injured. It is reported that the driver of the vehicle is facing charges.

After a serious injury accident or death, there are legal matters that must be attended to. Should it be established that the driver was operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other form of negligence, a claim can be filed to recover damages. The family of the deceased individual may choose to file a wrongful death claim and pursue damages. The injured parties have legal issues that should be carefully managed so that compensation for damages can be recovered.

The costs of medical care and treatment in an emergency situation are extremely high; these include ambulance costs, emergency treatment, surgeries, hospital bills and others. The injured may be unable to work for a period of time, or in more serious injuries, may lose the ability to function at work. Every type of damage must be carefully and fully evaluated so that the claim filed to recover damages addresses each type of loss.

It is advised that you get a legal professional with a great depth of understanding and experience in personal injury law to assist in resolving the matter of compensatory damages in car accident cases, whether a drunk driving accident or other type of accident, such a driver distraction, speeding, or other. The amount recovered in damages is frequently far higher than a person could negotiate on their own. The insurance company can get involved early to attempt to get the matter settled before an attorney is retained. Protect yourself after an injury accident. You deserve the maximum possible in compensation if another party is at fault.

Nassau County personal injury attorney Charles R. Gueli provides legal representation to the injured or families who have lost a loved one in a car accident. He is a trial lawyer with decades of experience, and is often called upon by other firms to litigate their cases in court. He can be reached directly at his office (516) 628-6402.

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