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A car accident is something that can severely change your living situation in an instant. Unfortunately, many drivers are careless and reckless, leading to injuries on our roads and highways every day. One such type of accident is the side-impact crash, which is also commonly known as a "T-bone accident."

In the side-impact crash, a vehicle crashes against another vehicle's side, often at an intersection. These types of crashes can have severe consequences including neck, back and other injuries, and even risk of death. If you are injured in a side-impact crash, the physical effects are likely to be significant.

Just your medical recovery alone can be tens of thousands of dollars. When such an injury impacts your ability to provide for your family, the economic consequences can be significant for you and your family, not to mention the stress it can cause family and loved ones. Insurance companies are big corporations concerned with the bottom line, and that bottom line may not necessarily be in your best interests.

If you believe that the compensation being offered by your insurer does not cover the costs of your injury or they are refusing to pay, you contact our Nassau County accident attorney.

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