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Aggressive Driving Accidents

A Dangerous Form of Driver Negligence

Were you injured in an aggressive driving incident? If so, you can receive the high caliber legal representation and support you need from the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli. Being pushed around by an aggressive driver on the road is bad enough, but having to step outside of the car and deal with him or her face-to-face, let alone their insurance company can be unpleasant at best.

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There is no excuse for aggressive driving, and it is one of the worst forms of driver negligence that exists. You can count on us to work relentlessly to get the desirable results that you deserve!

Aggressive Driving Behaviors

Aggressive driving is a serious problem on America's roadways, and most of us know it when we see it. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that aggressive driving occurs when an individual engages in a combination of moving traffic offenses that endanger other persons or property.

Behaviors that have resulted in violence on the road:

  • Lane blocking
  • Tailgating
  • Cutting someone off
  • Failure to use turn signals
  • Offensive gestures
  • Horn use
  • High beam use
  • Blocking traffic
  • Eye contact with a hostile motorist

As a motorist who wants to drive responsibly, it is best to avoid driving whenever you are angry, upset, or sleep deprived. Before reacting to another driver's mistake, remember that it is safer to be polite, even when the other driver isn't. As the old saying goes, it is best to "Err on the side of caution."

Safeguarding Your Rights to Fair Compensation

Let us safeguard your rights to fair compensation, because you can be certain that the other driver and their insurance carrier will not be acting in your best interests.

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