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Deafness and Hearing Loss

There can be various ways for an individual to experience hearing loss; this can result from disease, head trauma, or excessive use of loud speakers among other ways. While there are various diseases and ailments that can result in hearing loss, there is one very crucial cause for hearing loss that you must know about: head trauma. Head trauma can be caused by a car accident, a fall or falling object among other ways and can be extremely detrimental in more ways than one.

Causes of Hearing Loss Due to Brain Injury

One common result of head trauma is a loss of hearing. After sustaining head trauma or traumatic brain injury, an individual may have sustained direct damage to the ear or ear drum in which case hearing would be damaged or impaired. Additionally, hearing loss and damage to the ear can be done by secondary damage from bleeding, inflammation and other effects. While hearing loss cannot be reversed, you and your doctor can discuss your options to improve what you hear.

Act Quickly for Compensation in Long Island

Have you been the untimely victim of deafness? Are you unsure where to find the best representation in Long Island? There are various options available to you regarding this matter. If you have suffered hearing loss from a brain injury that you incurred in an accident that was caused by the negligent acts of another person then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of a personal injury attorney from our firm.

There are certain payments that are available to those who have sustained injuries due to the negligent acts of others. However you must file your claim for damages as soon as possible in order to prevent forfeiture of your potential rights under statutes of limitations that apply in New York.

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