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Have You Been a Victim of Lead Poisoning?

Lead poisoning is a medical condition that results from abnormally high levels of lead in a person's blood stream. The heavy metal interferes with a variety of body processes and it is toxic to various organs and tissues of the body including the heart, intestines, kidneys and others. Acquiring this high level of lead in the blood stream is caused by extensive exposure to this metal in the air or through the skin among other ways. Exposure to high amounts of lead can result from many different scenarios including contact with air, household dust, soil, water and other ways.

Occupational exposure to lead can result from working in a factory or warehouse that deals with lead-containing products. Some of these products include certain surgical equipment, plumbing materials, batteries and many others. Adults who work around lead and are exposed to lead can bring lead dust home on their clothes and unknowingly expose their children to lead poisoning.

Seeking Rightful Compensation in Nassau County

If you have been the victim of lead poisoning in Long Island, then there may be damages available to you depending on the circumstances in which you acquired this medical condition. Our firm will be able to answer your questions regarding your options and the status of your case if you choose to work with us.

Additionally, we will be able to provide you with aggressive representation of your claim in court. It is vitally important that you seek skilled legal aid from our firm as soon as possible to begin the process of filing a claim for damages. If you wait too long to file your claim then your potential rights to damages may be forfeited due to statutes of limitations that apply in New York.

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