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Failure to Deploy & Other Airbag Injuries

When airbags do not function properly or are not correctly designed, serious injuries of both passengers and drivers can occur. In case of a failure to deploy or an injury from the airbag deployment, an injured person can seek compensation. If you have suffered an airbag injury in a recent car accident, entrust your case to the experienced Nassau County car accident attorney from our firm.

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For over 20 years, the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli has been assisting clients with all aspects of personal injury claims. Our firm provides aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation to the injured in a wide range of auto accident injury cases, including those involving airbag injuries. Our attorneys personally handle each case that is taken on. You can trust our firm to fight hard for you when you are struggling to cover the costs of your injury.

Don’t be the Victim of a Faulty Airbag

An airbag deploys from the dashboard at an extremely high velocity. Anyone can be injured by an airbag, but studies have shown that women and children are particularly susceptible to sustaining bodily damage from airbags. In addition to injuries sustained from airbag impact, defective airbag timing can be catastrophic.

Several factors can cause airbags to fail to deploy such as:

  • Design flaws
  • Defective impact sensors
  • Faulty installation
  • Defective or damaged electronics
  • Use of inferior materials

Regardless of whether your airbag failed to deploy, deployed too late, or the deployment was overpowered, you deserve to be compensated by the car manufacturer for your related losses.

Legal Representation for Airbag Injuries

The consequences of an injury from airbag deployment are both physically and emotionally devastating. Airbag injuries may leave you unable to work, and uncertain about whether you could collect a settlement to address the costs you have incurred, including medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages.

Whether you suffered from broken bones, soft tissue damage, whiplash or another more serious form of physical damage caused by an airbag, it is in your best interests to speak with a Nassau County car accident attorney from our firm today.

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