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Post-Concussive Syndrome Lawsuits


When a person suffers a head injury, there are normally repercussions for a short amount of time. Those who receive a concussion may not be able to remember the past few minutes and will have problems recalling the events that took place after the injury.

Normally during this time a victim will lose consciousness or may be dizzy and confused. After 7-10 days, most people who have suffered concussion are back to normal and on the road to recovery. About 90% of all people who suffer a concussion have no following effects after recovery.

Yet about 10% of all individuals who suffer concussions will end up with terrible Post-Concussive Syndrome (PCS) that can follow them their whole lives. PCS causes severe headaches or a loss of cognitive function that can make it hard for people to continue thinking for a long amount of time.

Persistent symptoms that last over four weeks will have a profound impact in patients’ psychosocial welfare had many affect their interpersonal skills, emotional well-being, and ability to work hard. Often family members say that individuals who have suffered a concussion become irritable, fail to remember things and suffer disorientation.

These effects can be permanent. If you hit your head in a slip and fall accident, sports accident, car accident, or any other incident that results in injury, and you suffer PCS as a result, then you will want to seek compensation for the suffering, emotional turmoil, and future medical costs of your condition. Most of the time individuals with PCS are required to take medication t treat their headaches or their emotionally fragility. If you want more information about seeking compensation for an injury resulting in PCS, talk to a Nassau County personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli today!

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