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Runaway Tractor Trailer Crash Caused by Product Defect


Almost one month after the tragic truck accident that killed seven people, investigators into the incident have concluded that the runaway trailer crash in Cortland County was caused by a defective tractor part that caused the trailer to unhitch. The accident occurred on Route 13 in Truxton, New York after the trailer on a big rig unhitched and crashed into a minivan driving in the opposite direction. The van was carrying eight passengers, seven of whom were killed on impact leaving only one survivor.

Experts had been perplexed at such a bizarre accident, which they believe should never happen. Safety mechanisms are supposedly in place on all large trucks to prevent exactly what happened in this incident. All tractor-trailer vehicles are required to have what is referred to as a "fifth-wheel" coupling mechanism, or a lock mechanism, that serves to ensure that the trailer is securely fastened onto the cab portion of the truck. Inspectors claim that defects in the locks are obvious to the driver. The only two explanations being considered are that the truck driver noticed the defect and ignored it or that he neglected to perform a proper safety check before his trip.

Of the seven victims that were killed in the accident, four were children under the age of eight. There were also three young adults killed in the accident. Later reports revealed that one of the young women killed was pregnant with the child of the driver, who was also killed in the accident. Memorial services have been held in honor of the young family and their friends who were lost in such a tragic event.

Cortland County investigators claimed that the driver of the minivan likely had no time to react to the trailer, which was coming at them at full speed in the opposite direction. This means that fault is placed primarily on whoever was responsible for the defect, whether that is the driver or the truck company. A sudden and tragic loss such as this will stay with the family and friends of the seven victims for many years. There is little available to console those grieving an event such as this, The Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli sends its deepest condolences and offers its legal assistance to other victims or families of victims involved in a tragedy such as this.

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