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Suspect in Deadly NYC Expectant Parents Crash Surrenders


The driver of the BMW that killed a pregnant woman, her husband, and child has been contacted, and is now expected to meet with his legal defense team before going to the police. The suspect, J.A., told the New York Daily News that he was fleeing gun shots when he hit the cab in which the couple was traveling. They were on their way to the hospital to see a doctor about labor pains that the woman had been experiencing.

J.A. allegedly did not stop to assist the passengers because he feared for his life, so he took off on foot. He says that he did not know that the three were dead until he saw the news and will now contact his lawyer, then surrender. According to police, the suspect has already been convicted of manslaughter, as well as drug and gun charges. He also was arrested for DUI a couple of weeks earlier, but was released. The interview with New York Daily News was supposedly arranged by J.A.'s former jail mate.

The police believe that J.A. was also traveling with another passenger, for whom they are still searching. Investigators have not determined who was at fault for the accident, but J.A. will be charged with hit-and-run, regardless of who was liable. The Jewish community, of which the deceased couple was a part, is demanding that J.A. also be charged with triple homicide.

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