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Is Misdiagnosing an Illness Considered Medical Malpractice?


Misdiagnosis is actually one of the most common causes of medical errors. With HMOs, many doctors have to factor fiscal aspects into making decisions about a patient's wellbeing. Insurance companies push doctors to look for ways to save money wherever they can in treating patients and reward those doctors who do so.

Doctors can sometimes be forced to write off surgeries, operations, and exams altogether when their rates of service keep cutting into profits and insurers only offer to pay for part of a claim or deny payment outright. This amounts to doctors being given an incentive to play according to the insurance company's rules and to save them money.

Misdiagnoses most often take place when an expensive medical exam is skipped or when the results of exams are overlooked or misdiagnosed as a less serious medical condition. Doctors and other medical personnel can also fail to identify and diagnose a patient for an adverse health condition or illness, leading potentially to health problems.

In cases where doctors misdiagnose dangerous but treatable illnesses, they may be held liable in a medical malpractice suit.

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