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4 Everyday Situations that Cause Car Accidents


Research suggests that roughly 5.5 million automobile accidents happen in the United States every year, leading to approximately 30,000 fatalities and millions of injuries. Unfortunately, many – if not most – of these accidents are avoidable. While unavoidable circumstances like acts of nature are responsible for a fraction of auto collisions, the vast majority share a common cause: human error.

  1. Tailgating – Tailgating is a distressingly common occurrence. While it doesn't always lead to an accident, it is the primary reason for rear-end car accidents. In some cases, tailgating is the result of aggressive driving; in others, it's simply the result of distraction or inattention. In every situation though, tailgating is dangerous.
  2. Merging – Blind spots are real, but this doesn't mean other cars on the road are invisible. Careful drivers use their mirrors and look over their shoulders before changing lanes or merging onto a freeway, and failing to do so can cause an accident. Additionally, merging vehicles should always alert other drivers by using a turn signal before they merge.
  3. Bad Weather – Drivers can't control the weather, but they can control how they drive in it. Even driving at the posted speed limit in wet or icy road conditions can lead to a wreck. To avoid an accident, drivers must never exceed speeds that are unsafe for the current weather conditions. Drivers should also be aware of the time it takes them to slow down in bad weather.
  4. Distractions – Texting while driving is always dangerous, but "distracted driving" refers to an array of additional situations unaddressed by lawmakers. Under New York law, it is illegal to use a hand-held phone while driving. However, eating behind the wheel, applying makeup, or adjusting the radio can lead to equally serious accidents and injuries.

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