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Negligent Security in New York


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Crime and acts of violence can happen practically anywhere and at any time. In places where there is a constant flow of people, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, and even office buildings, security is often required to prevent assaults and crimes from occurring.

If you were a victim of a crime and sustained an injury due to a property owner’s failure to provide adequate security measures to protect visitors, guests, or customers, the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli are committed to protecting your rights and best interests. Our Nassau County personal injury lawyer can investigate your case, examine all of the available evidence, negotiate with insurers, and build a strong case to help you recover your entitled compensation.

Types of Negligent Security Claims

Property owners who attract a significant number of the public onto their premises are legally obligated to protect those on their property from violent crimes. When a property owner is aware of previous criminal activity committed on the premises, he or she could be held liable for the failure to provide sufficient security measures.

Common factors of negligent security claims include:

  • Insufficient number of security guards
  • Inadequate security cameras
  • Failure to properly screen or supervise security personnel
  • Failure to provide adequate security in parking lot
  • Poor lighting

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