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What Is a Contingency Fee & How Does It Work?


If you have suffered a personal injury, you’re most likely feeling stressed and overwhelmed with all that you have to deal with. Between your recovery, lost wages, and piling medical expenses, it’s important to save money wherever you possibly can. Saving on financial costs is particularly important when it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney to represent you in your case.

When you choose the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli, you won’t pay a thing unless we settle your case on your behalf. We offer contingency fees as a form payment, which can substantially save you on legal expenses.

A contingency fee is a common form of payment when it comes to personal injury cases. A contingency fee is a written agreement between an attorney and their client that sates the lawyer agrees to represent the client without collecting any fees up front. Instead, the attorney will collect a percentage of any judgement, settlement, or award that results from the case.

The written agreement between the client and the attorney will spell out exactly how payment will be made. The agreement includes the percentage amount that the lawyer is entitled to if the case settles or goes to trial, and how legal expenses will be calculated.

This kind of arrangement can be useful for people who were involved in car accidents, bus accidents, slip and falls, and other common types of personal injury cases. Because the client will not need to pay anything upfront or during the case, a contingency fee can beneficial if you are struggling to keep up with the financial expenses related to your personal injury. Under a contingency agreement, the lawyer that is hired will assume the cost and expenses of things like investigating and gathering evidence, court costs, and other fees that apply to the client’s case.

A contingency fee agreement also serves as an excellent form of motivation for the attorney. Because the attorney will not get paid unless they win the case, they will be more aggressive with the methods they use to build their client’s case.

Have you suffered a severe personal injury that was caused by the negligence of another individual? We can help. Contact our Nassau County personal injury attorney , or call (516) 628-6402 to schedule your free case consultation today.
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