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Winning Your Motorcycle Accident Case


Winning Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle accidents are unlike most other motor vehicle accidents and tend to involve injuries that are generally more severe due to the minimal protection this iconic ride provides its riders. That is why it is crucial for other motorists on the road to exercise caution when driving near motorcyclists and to always watch out for their blind spots. Unfortunately, many drivers act negligently and are unaware of their surroundings or practice unsafe driving habits. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident and another driver was at fault for it, you need to obtain the skilled legal services of a personal injury attorney to ensure you are able to secure the fair and just compensation you deserve.

How can an attorney help you win your case? Continue reading to find out how you can benefit from experienced legal assistance:

  • The legal process can be confusing and most of us lack the knowledge that is necessary to get through all the jargon and paperwork that is involved. We hire professionals to perform a vast array of other tasks we do not have the expertise to do ourselves, so why would you try to represent yourself?
  • The insurance company that represents the at-fault party will do whatever they can to either eliminate or reduce the amount of compensation you are entitled to. An attorney could either advise you on how to handle these conversations or speak on your behalf. Whatever you do, never agree to a recorded statement and never sign any documents without legal representation. You could be signing away your right to recover compensation.
  • An attorney will have certain resources at his or her disposal that you will not have if you were to represent yourself. Your attorney will be able to send investigators to the scene of the accident, determine its cause, document and gather evidence, and make sure all crucial deadlines are met. This gives you the opportunity to focus on recovering from your injuries instead of having to field your way through the complexities of your personal injury claim.

Proving Fault

Just like any other personal injury case, your attorney will need to prove negligence in your motorcycle accident case in order to recover compensation on your behalf. Below are the four elements that will need to be established:

  • Duty of care: The other driver had a responsibility to act in a way that would reduce the risk of injury to others
  • Breach of duty: The other driver did not live up to the expectations for safe behavior
  • Damages: You suffered injuries and other damages
  • Causation: The injuries and damages you suffered are a result of the other driver’s actions

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Nassau County

If you were recently injured in a motorcycle accident that was caused by a negligent driver, it is imperative that you hire skilled legal representation as soon as possible to ensure you have the best chances of obtaining maximum compensation. At the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli, our personal injury attorney in Nassau County is backed by 25 years of experience and is dedicated to representing the wrongfully injured.

Get started on your motorcycle accident case today and reach out to our law firm at (516) 628-6402 to request a free initial case evaluation and learn more about what we can do to help you.

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