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6 Tips To Avoid an Electric Scooter Accident


Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular, especially in urban areas and highly populated cities where drivers are looking to escape heavy traffic. Although scooters can serve as a great alternative to stop-and-go traffic, they do pose serious safety risks. If you ride a scooter during your commute, or if you rent scooters from time to time, make sure you know what you can do to stay safe on the road.

To avoid a scooter accident, try following these quick tips:

  1. Wear a helmet. Although it may seem harmless enough to go without protective headgear, forgoing this option could prove deadly. Head injuries can be life-threatening, so it’s always best to wear a protective helmet whenever you ride an e-scooter.
  2. Ride sober. Driving drunk is a well-known danger, but riding an e-scooter while impaired can be just as deadly. Alcohol and drugs impair your senses, leaving you with a slower reaction time and dulled senses, making you a serious liability on the road. Instead of riding a scooter home, try calling a ride-share service or a sober friend instead.
  3. Stick to the road. Electric scooters are meant to be driven on the roads, not on sidewalks or along walkways. Sharing space with pedestrians can be hazardous for everyone involved.
  4. Avoid riding tandem. Scooters aren’t typically built to support the weight of two riders, and even if they are, having a second body onboard can make it difficult to drive. If your second rider leans to the left unexpectedly, it could cause you to swerve or tip dangerously.
  5. Ride defensively. Much like motorcycles, scooters can be difficult to spot on the road, especially for drivers in large trucks, vans, and similarly proportioned vehicles. To stay safe, make sure you always ride defensively, avoid riding in blind spots, and assume the other vehicles don’t see you, just to be safe.
  6. Know your vehicle. Although they may seem basic enough, electric scooters can be tricky to ride, especially for a novice. Before you take to the road, take your scooter for a test-drive somewhere remote, like a parking lot, to familiarize yourself with the controls.

As helpful as these safety tips can be, sometimes they simply aren’t enough to stop an accident. If you or someone you love was injured in an electric scooter accident, our firm is prepared to help.

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