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What Are the Consequences of Bullying?

kids bullying another boy by the lockers

Whether your child is bullied physically or emotionally, the behavior can lead to serious, lifelong consequences. If your child is harmed by bullying, Attorney Charles R. Gueli can help.

Physical Consequences

The physical effects of bullying tend to be more obvious, as your child may come home with injuries they sustained in a bullying incident, but they can also be more subtle – maybe your child isn’t getting enough sleep because they are being bullied at school.

Additionally, bullying increases the levels of stress hormones in the body, which can cause your child to have a weakened immune system and other physical symptoms.

If your child sustains serious physical injuries in a bullying incident, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the perpetrator.

Psychological Consequences

The psychological effects of bullying tend to be less visible, but they can be just as harmful and may even be more serious. According to, an official website of the United States government:

Bullying is a risk factor for depression and thinking about suicide. Children who bully others, are bullied, or both bully and are bullied are more likely to think about or attempt suicide than those who are not involved in bullying at all.”

If you believe bullying caused or contributed to your child’s suicide, our firm may be able to help you file a wrongful death lawsuit.

You may also be able to take legal action anytime your child suffers severe psychological effects as a result of bullying.

Outside of suicide, the psychological consequences of bullying include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-harming behavior
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Substance use disorders (addiction)
  • Aggression
  • An increased propensity toward crime

Sadly, children who have been bullied are more likely to become bullies themselves. Taking legal action can introduce accountability and stop this vicious cycle in its tracks.


While cyberbullying will not result in your child coming home with physical injuries, bullying that happens on computers and mobile devices can still lead to mental health problems and delinquency. Many people know about cyberbullying because not only because it can be shockingly cruel, but also because it has been the source of high-profile lawsuits. Because cyberbullying litigation is still in its early stages, the action you take can set important precedents and help put an end to this harmful behavior.

Ready to Take Action?

If your child has been seriously hurt or killed by bullying, we encourage you to come forward. Although nothing can change what happened or bring your child back, pursuing justice can help you find closure and protect others in the future. Additionally, the damages you earn from a successful lawsuit can help your child access valuable mental health services and overcome their trauma.

To discuss your legal options, please call the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli at (516) 628-6402 today or contact us online for a free, confidential consultation.

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