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Common Halloween Accidents: How Can I Prevent Them?

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How to Prevent Common Halloween Injuries

Halloween is a fun season for adults and children alike. From trick-or-treating to choosing costumes, October festivities are an exciting time for many families. However, pumpkin-carving season can also heighten the risk of accidents, making it crucial to take necessary precautions. After all, Halloween should be about enjoying spooky movies, not living them.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to keep your family safe during spooky season. Keep reading to learn the most common injuries that take place around Halloween each year, and how you can empower yourself with the knowledge to prevent them.

Top 3 Halloween Accidents to Watch Out For

From lit jack-o’-lanterns to haunted house mishaps, there are some Halloween fears that are far scarier than a monster under your bed. It’s important to be prepared for potential hazards on October 31st.

Keep the following Halloween injuries in mind to make sure you end the evening with more treats than tricks.

#1. Slips, Trips, & Falls

No one wants to spend Halloween night in the emergency room instead of trick-or-treating. Because slips, trips, and falls are considered one of the most common injuries on Halloween night, it’s important to be on the lookout for hazards that could lead to a concussion or broken bones. Here are common risks that often lead to injury:

  • Navigating dark streets
  • Running instead of walking in the dark
  • Using the road instead of sidewalks
  • Getting entangled in long costumes
  • Tripping on slick decks, porch steps, or hidden objects in yards

Encourage your family, children, and loved ones to exercise caution while trick-or-treating or celebrating festivities. When trick-or-treating, consider these ways to prevent common injuries:

  • Send kids with a flashlight if trick-or-treating in a dark neighborhood.
  • Encourage children to walk instead of run from house to house.
  • Remind them to be careful when navigating porch steps, decks, and stairs.
  • Take care that costumes are safe. Tuck or trim long fabric that might cause a child to trip, make sure children can see clearly through masks or face coverings, and avoid props that are sharp or dangerous.
  • Advise children to stay on sidewalks. Avoid crossing through yards that could have concealed holes, rocks, or other objects that could trip or cut a rogue trick-or-treater.

#2. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are by far the most life-threatening risk on Halloween night. In fact, pedestrians are 50% more likely to be hit by a vehicle on October 31st. There are various causes behind this unfortunate statistic, such as:

  • Drunk driving after parties and social gatherings
  • Driving in hindersome costumes that prevent safe vehicle operation
  • Distracted driving while looking at decorations or costumes
  • Failure to stay vigilant for passing trick-or-treaters, especially young children crossing dark streets or not using sidewalks

Whether you’re a driver or pedestrian, here are some effective ways to protect yourself and others from harm on Halloween night:

  • Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol under any circumstances. Use a rideshare app like Lyft or Uber or call a sober friend if you need to get somewhere.
  • Be hyperalert of kids who unexpectedly run into the street or aren’t paying attention to cars on the road.
  • Take an extra second to double- or triple-check the road before crossing.
  • Keep music off or low while driving. Doing so will allow you to stay alert of sights and sounds around you, and avoid hurting a young person who isn’t paying attention.
  • Drive at or below the speed limit when passing through neighborhoods or other areas where families are out and about.

#3. Cuts, Burns, & Eye Injuries

While carving pumpkins is a festive event to be enjoyed, it can sometimes have unfortunate consequences. It goes without saying that knives and children don’t mix, so it’s important for you to exercise caution and control to prevent unexpected injury.

In addition to the risk of lacerations, jack-o’-lanterns can pose a problem too—especially when they’re in proximity of costume fabric or flammable decorations. Lacerations and burns are best avoided if you wish to prevent accidents like:

  • Costumes catching fire near lit jack-o’-lanterns or other flames
  • Finger and hand injuries and lacerations from carving knives
  • Eye injuries from costume props

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid injuring yourself or loved one while enjoying Halloween traditions. Consider:

  • Letting adults handle the pumpkin carving. Don’t worry—there’s a good chance that kids will be too busy having fun scooping out all of those slimy pumpkin seeds to notice or care.
  • Limiting or “child-proofing” sharp costume props. Spiky tiaras and pirate swords are fun for the imagination, but can still be unexpectedly dangerous under the wrong circumstances. Children are often in high spirits on Halloween (and the sugar high can escalate enthusiasm to another level entirely) so it’s important to teach kids how to safely carry props and toys, or send them trick-or-treating without props altogether.
  • Avoid open flames and flammable costumes. Choose nonflammable costume materials, teach children to be cautious around open flames in jack-o’-lanterns and candles, and be cautious of decorations that can overheat (such as light bulbs).

Our Firm Can Help Protect Your Family & Loved Ones

Even the most responsible person is still susceptible to injury on Halloween or any other day of the year. Accidents happen, and when they do, it’s critical to take action as soon as possible.

Our firm has loyally served our clients in Nassau County for over 20 years, and will fight tirelessly to earn the compensation you rightfully deserve. If you suffered an injury due to an act of negligence, It’s important to seek dependable legal counsel from a skilled personal injury attorney immediately. Don’t wait to take action.

Don’t let an unexpected injury spoil the spooky festivities. Call the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli at (516) 628-6402 to request a free consultation today.

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