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When an Auto System Fails: Serious Injuries


Certain single car accidents are the direct result of a failure of an auto part or system. When brakes, tires, air bags, seatbelts or other vital system fails to function, the consequences can be deadly. It cannot be assumed that a driver whose car went out of control was fully responsible. The first critical action to take is to have the vehicle inspected by an independent professional who can evaluate the entire vehicle, including the tires or other components to determine if a defective part caused the accident.

All of us recall the news stories about Toyota and their problems with sticking accelerators that led to drivers being unable to stop their vehicles. Initially, it was claimed that the floor mats were the underlying reason for the stuck accelerator. As the investigation into these tragic cases continued, it was fully established that in fact, in some cases, this critical auto system failed to function property, causing a massive recall of Toyota vehicles.

There are many less-publicized cases, and there are ongoing safety recalls for many vehicles, including recent recalls for Chrysler, BMW, Toyota, Audi and GMC, among others. Some of these recalls are for safety systems such as air bags, visibility issues, head restraints and other critical systems. Any car accident should be carefully and fully investigated to determine if there has been a failure of a vehicle safety system or part that could have contributed to the accident itself, or increased the level of the injuries suffered in the accident.

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