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Learn About Your Nassau County Personal Injury Attorney


Your life can change in a moment, and when you are involved in a tragic accident, it can be a shocking experience that takes time, money, and effort to recover from. You may be out of work for weeks after your injury, and may have exorbitant medical bills to pay after an emergency surgery or mandatory physical therapy sessions. Whether you were injured in a bus accident, drunk driving crash, dog attack, or defective product accident, you deserve an attorney who can come alongside you and help you file a personal injury claim.

At most law firms, there are a few head attorneys and then some associate attorneys who also work at the firm. Chances are, if you go to large law firm your case will be handed to an associate and worked on along with a lot of other cases. Attorneys at these large law firms typically affix a case number to your situation and will handle your case in due time. At the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli, that won’t happen to you. Instead, you can be assured that Attorney Gueli will personally handle your case. He will communicate with you personally and be there for you every step of the way. This is a quality, personable service that you won’t be able to find at most large law firms.

Attorney Gueli wants to always be there for you, which is why he keeps his phone line open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. He understands that not all accidents happened during business hours, and he wants to be there for you no matter what you are dealing with or what time it is. Whether you are caught in a medical malpractice accident or are the victim of a construction accident, he can help. He also litigates in lead poisoning cases and bus accidents. When it comes to bicycle accidents or premises liability claims, he is capable of handling the paperwork, arguments, and insurance companies that will be involved in a lawsuit. He also handles accidents that happen because of school bullying and pedestrian injuries.

If your loved one was abused at a nursing home, then you can also take this case to Attorney Gueli and he will fight for the compensation you deserve. In addition to all of these different personal injury practice areas, Attorney Gueli will litigate in wrongful death cases. These are tragic accidents that could have been prevented by a third party. If your loved one died in an incident that could have been stopped, then you have the right to seek damages on behalf of your loved one. Whenever you are dealing with the delicate issue of a relative’s death or your own injury, you don’t want a cold and tense lawyer there. You want a compassionate and caring helping hand that can be there for you in the hard times. At the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli, that is what they seek to provide for you.

Attorney Gueli has been practicing law in the state of New York for 14 years and has been able to achieve numerous settlements for satisfied customers in that time. Before he chose to become a personal injury attorney for the people of Nassau, Attorney Gueli was a personal injury defense attorney for the clients who were being sued. This responsibility helped him to understand how the other side of personal injury works. Now, he uses this knowledge to anticipate where the defense will take the case and how he will need to respond to their arguments. Attorney Gueli understands how to deal with insurance companies because he used to defend them, and his previous career has left him with an intimate knowledge of complex insurance cases. Attorney Gueli is a member of the New York State Bar Association, the Nassau County Bar Association and the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers. He is also a former judge for the American Legion Oratorical Program.

If you are searching for information about your case and want to know how much money you may be able to obtain, then you should check out Attorney Gueli’s website page which details the value of a case. Depending on your injuries, age, incurred expenses, relationships, and more, you may be able to get upwards into the millions for your injury. You can fill out our free case evaluation form if you need more information and want to determine how much you can get for your specific case. If you fill out this form, then you can send it directly to the firm’s office in New York. Then, Attorney Gueli will look over your e-mail and respond with valuable information about your case. You can also gain a general understanding of personal injury law by reading Attorney Gueli’slegal blog.

If you are still skeptical about hiring this caring lawyer to handle your case, then you need to read the testimonials on his website. Many clients have worked with Attorney Gueli and experienced a satisfying and successful case result. Clients say that he has integrity, is very friendly, and is courteous. Many clients observe that Attorney Gueli makes an effort to respond back to their calls and e-mails in short order. They say that he is diligent, excellent at his job, and highly recommended. Attorney Gueli wants to make your case convenient for you, which is why he will schedule evening and weekend appointments if these are the only times that you can come to the office to discuss your case. He wants to be accommodating and helpful.

If you want get to know Attorney Gueli a little better, you can look him up on Avvo or check him out on HG. The firm is also listed on Merchant Circle, Insider Pages, and Justia. You can also read up on the firm by visiting Kudzu, Yellow Pages, Yelp, or Wash Law. If you enjoy using social media, then you can also contact the firm using Twitter, Facebook or Google+. If you want to visit the firm, then you will want to go to 100 Crossways Park Dr. W. Suite 201 Woodbury, NY 11797. Hire an attorney who cares deeply about your situation and wants to help you in any way possible. Hire Attorney Gueli today! (516) 628-6402

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