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Beware of These Common Summer Health Hazards


Summer is a time for fun, adventure, and relaxation. Unfortunately, the warm summer season is not without its risks. Between dangerous poolside incidents, diseases, poisonous plants, and harmful critters, there are several hazards best avoided. Before you find yourself in a dangerous predicament, make sure you know what you can do to avoid some of the most common summer health hazards.

Although these hazards are around all year, they tend to become bigger issues during the summer months. To keep yourself and your family safe, make sure you can identify the most common summer hazards avoid them as necessary.

1. Food Poisoning

BBQs and outdoor gatherings can be great fun, but they’re often breeding grounds for contamination and germs. If improperly handled, you could be exposed to salmonella and other dangerous germs that could lead to food poisoning. To avoid this, make sure you always avoid cross-contamination, clean your cooking surfaces, and use lids to avoid leaving food exposed to the elements.

2. Sunburn

Sun exposure is no secret danger. UV rays can increase the risk of skin cancer, and severe sunburns can cause painful skin irritation. To avoid these issues, wear sunscreen whenever you’re outside, and always use a product rated SPF 30 or higher.

3. Drowning

During the summer, swimming becomes an incredibly popular activity for adults and children alike. Unfortunately, water-related fun can be deadly, especially for children under the age of four. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children, which is why all children must be under constant supervision while near water.

4. Dehydration

The heat of the summer can be physically draining, and if you fail to drink enough water, you could become dehydrated and may experience heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Children and the elderly are most at risk for dehydration-related issues, though anyone could be affected. Always drink water in the hot weather, especially if you’re outside or participating in any physical activity, to avoid dehydration.

5. Mosquitos & Ticks

Certain insects and bugs can be very dangerous when they come in contact with humans, especially mosquitos and ticks, both of which can carry harmful diseases and viruses. Mosquitos are most common near sources of water, like rivers, lakes, and ponds, so always be sure to wear insect repellant when near a mosquito-prone area. Ticks are usually in brushy areas, and can hitch rides on pant legs, socks, shoes, and even pets. So, after you’ve been outside, make sure to check yourself for any ticks, and if you’re a dog owner, check your pet frequently.

6. Poisonous Plants

Hogweed and poison oak are just a few of the many poisonous summer plants out there, so make sure you’re aware of the dangerous weeds and flowers native to your area. If left untreated, severe cases of plant-related poisoning can lead to serious health complications, so always avoid exposure when you can, and seek medical treatment if you’ve been affected.

Our firm wants you and your family to stay safe this summer with these go-to tips, but we understand that some accidents simply can’t be avoided. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence or mistake, make sure you know your legal options.

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