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Highway Safety Tips for Driving Near Trucks


Semi-trucks can be dangerous roadside companions, which is why it’s best to stay alert and observe safe driving practices. It isn’t that truck drivers are poor drivers, the concern is that when a truck accident does occur, the resulting damage is typically devastating, if not deadly. Those involved in truck accidents can attest to the fact that these types of crashes often result in massive head injuries, broken bones, totaled cars, and worse. To avoid this type of accident, make sure you know what you can do.

When driving near commercial vehicles and trucks, try following these safety tips:

  • Avoid the truck’s blind spot and keep in mind that their blind spot is significantly bigger than that of passenger vehicles.
  • Remember, larger vehicles need more space to maneuver, especially when turning.
  • Be mindful of their stopping capabilities—it takes a large truck longer to come to a full stop, especially when traveling at high speeds.
  • Pass semi-trucks with care. Remember, it takes them longer to stop and they’re more difficult to maneuver if they need to avoid road hazards.
  • Watch out for wind gusts and bad weather, as trucks may involuntarily swerve with the air currents. Driving too close to a truck on a windy day could be extremely dangerous.

As helpful as these tips can be, they won’t always be enough to help you avoid an accident. Above all, remember to drive defensively and use common sense. If the truck seems unstable, or if the driver appears erratic, call the police and keep your distance. You never know what could be going on behind the wheel—perhaps the driver is falling asleep, or maybe the trailer load is imbalanced. Whatever the case, stay away from the vehicle as much as possible and call the authorities—they can handle it.

If, however, you are unable to avoid a truck accident, it’s equally important to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. After a crash, you need to take immediate action to protect yourself and your rights. Our team at the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli has ample experience working with individuals harmed in serious accidents, and we are dedicated to helping our clients seek justice and maximum compensation.

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