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The Three Most Common Types of Birth Injuries


The Three Most Common Types of Birth Injuries

Every expecting parent hopes for their child to be born healthy and without any preventable injuries. The fact is, however, that many are often faced with the harsh reality that the medical professional they put their trust in provided substandard care that resulted in injuries to their newborn child. Any number of injuries can occur when medical negligence is at play, but certain types of injuries are vastly more common than others. If you suspect your child sustained a preventable birth injury, you need to hire a skilled personal injury attorney and act fast to ensure you are able to recover the fair and just compensation you and your family deserve.

Below is a list of the three most common types of birth injuries:

  1. Muscle-related or physical injuries: Muscle-related injuries are some of the most common types of birth injuries and are typically easy to diagnose and pinpoint. Some of the most common muscle-related birth injuries include brachial plexus, Erb’s palsy, Klumpke’s palsy, and shoulder dystocia. Oftentimes, people misinterpret cerebral palsy as a muscle-related injury, but it is actually a brain-related birth injury that affects how the brain sends messages to the muscle groups.
  1. Birth Injuries related to infections: Birth injury cases are not always clear, especially in cases when an infection is developed during pregnancy. Even in cases when a birth injury develops under such circumstances, however, it is still the physician’s job to detect and treat maternal problems. For example, conditions like folic acid deficiency, anemia, and spina bifida could all possibly be prevented if the mother were instructed by the physician to take the appropriate supplements.
  1. Injuries from delivery: Birth injuries also commonly occur during the delivery process and are often caused by the improper use of the vacuum extractor, forceps, and other delivery assistance tools designed to help facilitate the delivery process. Other injuries that occur during the delivery process might also be caused by the wrong medication or mishandling of the infant, resulting in broken bones, lacerations, or skull fractures. It is also possible for the child experience injuries related to stress, high blood pressure, or hypertension as a result of any mishandling.

Unfortunately, it is not always readily apparent that a child has sustained a birth injury, so it is important for parents to be very observant and, if you suspect your child might have been injured as a result of medical negligence, hire a skilled legal advocate to fight on your behalf.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Nassau County

If your baby sustained a birth injury while being delivered as a result of medical professional’s negligent or careless actions, you need to obtain skilled legal counsel to ensure you are able to recover the fair and just compensation that will be necessary to cover the costs of your child’s injury. At the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli in Nassau County, our skilled personal injury attorney is backed by over 20 years of experience and a proven history of success. You should not have to suffer in silence or bear the burden of someone else’s mistakes.

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