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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Red Flags


Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Red Flags

Senior adults are among some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society and many are often placed in nursing home facilities that are better equipped to care for any medical conditions they might have, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Many nursing home facilities are able to provide the skilled care that our elderly loved ones need, making the golden years of life more comfortable. Unfortunately, not all nursing home facilities uphold the standard of care that is expected of them. In fact, neglect and abuse are far more common than you might think.

If you have an elderly loved one in a nursing home facility, you should be aware of the red flags, so you can take the appropriate actions to remove him or her from the situation and take legal action. Below is a list of some of the red flags you should look out for:

  • Poor personal hygiene: Part of caring for nursing home residents includes assisting with basic personal hygiene. It is not uncommon for residents to be in need of help when it comes to getting dressed, clipping their nails, brushing their teeth, grooming their hair, bathing, or any other necessities that are part of everyday life. When a resident is neglected, they are left to attempt to accomplish these tasks on their own and, since they are incapable of doing so, neglected residents tend to exhibit signs of poor personal hygiene, which can also lead to health problems.
  • Unclean living conditions: Nursing homes are also expected to provide a safe and clean environment for residents. If a facility is lacking in this area, chances are the residents are also being neglected. Always make sure that your elderly loved one or the facility has clean clothes and fresh bedding, as well as sanitary bathroom areas and a clean kitchen. Otherwise, your loved one will be at risk for sickness, infections, and other issues that could develop due to unsanitary living conditions.
  • Unexplained injuries: If you notice your elderly loved one suffering from broken bones, bruises, or head injuries, these are all heavily indicative of abuse or neglect. They do not necessarily have to occur due to abuse. For example, if a resident who is limited in mobility attempts to walk somewhere unassisted, he or she could easily fall and sustain some serious injuries.
  • Psychological issues: Neglect and abuse can both result in numerous emotional issues. If a resident’s caretaker is abusive, he or she might be living in fear and hesitant to talk about the situation. Residents in abusive environments also often grow distant from their friends and family and even suffer from depression. If you observe any sudden emotional changes in your elderly loved one, you should take them seriously and address them immediately.
  • Loss of mobility: A good nursing home staff will help residents stay active and make sure they regularly exercise to improve circulation, build muscle tone and strength, and increase balance. If residents are being neglected and left in bed for long periods of time, they risk losing mobility.

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