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After another party has taken an action, or failed to take an action and you were injured, you have a right to recover compensation for the damages that were incurred. These include your hospital bills, medical bills, ambulance, prescriptions, medical devices and all other financial damages. This is an important matter, as an injured person could be facing a long term of medical care and treatment, or possibly a lifetime of care in catastrophic injury cases.

At our firm, the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli, we represent injured victims and their families in personal injury cases of all types. Our firm represents those injured in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, cases of injury from dangerous drugs, medical malpractice, school bullying and many others. Our long history of success is based upon our personal mission to serve the injured and to help them recover the maximum possible in damages, as we sincerely believe they deserve.

Insurance Company Tactics: Your Settlement

We work with insurance companies every day, and we know exactly how difficult they can make it to get a claim paid in a timely manner, at a rate that is fair. There is a great deal of attention put on making sure that the settlement is as low as possible, with very little focus on the human side of the story. These are commercial entities that answer to shareholders and boards, and profit is the motive.

Any person who has attempted to settle a claim on their own knows how tough it can be to be treated fairly, whether it is another person's insurance company, or even your own. We know the law, we know what you are rightly owed, and we pursue it relentlessly. Our firm stands firm and will not waver and urge you to accept an offer that is unfair. Our goal is to get you the full amount of compensation you are due under the restrictions of state law. Should the company fail to come through with a fair offer, we can take the case to civil court for resolution.

Contact our Baldwin personal injury lawyer for a free case evaluation. The earlier we are involved, the better your chances, as the case can more easily be documented. Call (516) 628-6402.

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