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There are few more terrible and frightening situations than suffering a sudden injury through the negligent act of another. Whether a car accident, other type of vehicle accident, from dangerous drugs prescribed or administered by a medical professional, or by a vicious dog, any such incident carries extreme pain and suffering, as well as emotional costs.

At the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli, we concentrate all of our energy and knowledge on pursuing the maximum compensation for our clients. The first step is to call us and get a free case evaluation.

We can then determine what your case is worth, and what needs to be done to get it resolved. You probably have many questions, and we always serve our clients with the highest level of personal service. We respond to your calls, and make ourselves available to address your concerns.

In a very serious injury case, there is little time to think about legal matters, and families rightfully are focused on the health and recovery of a loved one. There is great benefit in contacting our office as early as possible after an accident, as certain evidence may need to be preserved, including a damaged vehicle, a prescription bottle, or other item that could clearly establish liability. Conducting interviews is also an important matter, and unfortunately, as time passes, memories can fade. Take the time to call our firm to manage your case. You will only be required to sign a few documents, and then we take over, while you focus on your health and recovery, or caring for your loved one.

We are your advocate in a personal injury case in Hempstead.

We are zealous in our advocacy for the injured, and take our duty to our clients very seriously. Our mission is to seek justice and fair compensation for each client we take on. If you or a loved one has been injured, we urge you to contact our Hempstead personal injury lawyer at once. We are prepared to fight for every possible form of compensation, and to hold the liable party accountable. Justice can be served in financial terms.

In most cases, a settlement resolves the injury claim, while in other cases it is necessary to file a lawsuit and seek justice in civil court, or a higher court in some cases. We are here to fight at every step, and although we will begin the process willing to negotiate for you, if the insurance company fails to come through within a reasonable length of time, we will press further, and take the case to court.

Contact our firm at (516) 628-6402 for more information about our professional services in injury claims.

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