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Incidents of injury can occur in an instant, knocking you off your feet for weeks, months or potentially for the rest of your life. When someone else's negligent actions are to blame for your pain, you have the right to pursue legal action. With the potential for significant financial compensation, seeking out a lawsuit against the offending party could be greatly beneficial for you or your loved ones. Oftentimes the scariest part of making a case involves not knowing where to even begin.

At the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli, we take on the stress for you. From start to finish, our team will handle your case personally, utilizing everything we have learned and experienced in the past 14 years. In the state of New York, you only have 3 years from the date of your injury to obtain damages.

After that date has passed, the case will be considered invalid, which is why it is of the utmost importance that you do not wait to attain the legal assistance you need. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to any potential and current clients, the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli is prepared to assist you.

The Hamlet of Syosset

As a census-designated place (CDP), Syosset is a hamlet in the Town of Oyster Bay. This town is located in Nassau County and is home to nearly 19,000 people. As a white-collar town, over 91% of those in the workplace are at white-collar jobs, involving sales, office and administrative occupations.

There is a great trend towards jobs related to math and computers among those living in Syosset. The number is so high that it actually outnumbers other cities throughout the U.S. by 95 percent. Full of educated and bright individuals, the residents are typically quite wealthy. While it is a nice small town, it is somewhat out of the way from the local bigger cities, creating quite a commute for many working professionals.

Available for you!

Our Syosset personal injury lawyers realize that many personal injury cases are a direct result of some kind of accident. We also know that they are usually unexpected, but may require immediate attention. This is just one of the reasons why our firm has decided to offer call service, available 24/7 to all clients. In addition, we have weekend and evening appointments that we are happy to schedule if your normal business hours do not work for you. Allow us to help relieve the stress and get you the financial assistance you both need and deserve.

Call us today at (516) 628-6402 for a free consultation or fill out our free, no-risk case evaluation today to learn more. There is nothing we want more than to see your case succeed.

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