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Injury Claims and Lawsuits: Cases of Negligence

When another party, whether an individual or corporation, is negligent and fails to exercise reasonable care for the health and safety of others, that party can be held accountable should an injury, illness or condition be the result of their action, or inaction. In cases of personal injury, establishing negligence is a critical piece of the puzzle.

It should be understood that even when it appears clear to the injured person, and their families, that another party was responsible, these issues can be hotly contested. Even a drunk driver could claim that the other driver was actually at fault. A doctor could call upon medical experts to support what he or she did.

These are the issues that our legal team at the Law Offices of Charles R. Gueli deals with every day. We know how insurance companies operate. The unfortunate truth is that the insurance firm will try to get away with the lowest settlement possible, in any way that they can.

Don't take risks with your settlement. Call us.

A person who tries to make arrangements for compensation without representation from an experienced Uniondale personal injury lawyer is at a great disadvantage. Firstly, the injured person does not know what his or her case is worth in monetary terms. Secondly, he or she could be convinced that a settlement offer should be accepted that is far, far lower than could be recovered by an attorney. Statistically, those without an attorney recover about 1/3 of what can be achieved with the help of a high quality, aggressive attorney from our firm.

The tactics employed range from contacting an injured person and (in a very friendly manner) asking for access to medical records. Once these records are reviewed, if there is any earlier condition you may have had, the insurance company could claim that their client (the responsible party) is not liable.

Never release your medical records to an insurance company without first contacting our firm to manage the situation. You could be shuffled from one person to another, given conflicting information, be told that the maximum settlement is not even enough to pay for your medical bills, and so on. We urge you to have the protection our firm can offer you, particularly in a high value case.

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